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You will need to research a specific endangered animal and find out everything you can about it. This will help us find out how we can stop it becoming extinct. 

You will be provided with a Research Booklet, which outlines specific details and information you will need to research.
You will receive internet links to complete your research, it is up to you to record all the information that is required. 

Your Research Project must include the following;

~ Title Page --- that includes a picture of the animal and their habitat.

~ Research Booklet --- with all your notes completed during research.

~ Project Rough Draft --- writing complete sentences and using the topics from the Research Booklet, outline details of your research.

~ Project Good Copy --- once your rough draft is completed and edited, complete a good copy of your project.

~ Habitat Map --- A map will be provided, which must be colored to show where the animal can be found and its range, and must include a legend.

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