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Follow the steps on this page to complete your task.

Watch me first!

It is time to choose your planet! First you will need to complete your workbook so you have a bit of knowledge about all the planets, this will help with your decision.
You will then be deciding which planet you think would be the best to live on, it doesn't have to be realistic, as long as you can justify why you have chosen the planet you have.
It is time to become an expert on your chosen planet. Click on your the planet and go through all the links given to you on that planet to learn everything there is to know.


To return to this page simply press this earth button at the top of each page. 

Your task

Write a brief description of 100-150 words on what it would be like to live on your planet and what you would need to live there. e.g. Super tinted glasses may be useful on a planet close to the sun. Thinking about the temperature, landscape, size, etc may help you.

Make a travel brochure on your planet for those who may want to visit, highlighting its features, must include size, orbit time and distance from the sun. This will be done using publisher, a whole class demonstration will be given prior to you commencing this step.

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