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Time to shine

Now that you have busted some misconceptions surrounding the seasons it is time to help everyone else. Believe it or not A LOT of people still have misconceptions about what causes seasons including adults. You have been commissioned to provide people with the information they need. You can do this through: a brochure, poster, power point, video, class presentation, or another method of your choosing (you must get permission from your teacher). Begin by clicking HERE and completing the intro, earth and sun, and earth's orbit sections.

Next use some of the resources below to help you. Consider the following questions when creating your informational resource. 

  • Why do we have seasons?

  • How do seasons affect the length of days?

  • Consider comparing countries from different hemispheres during different times of the year.

  • How do seasons affect people - consider various occupations such as farming.

  • Why do countries closer to the equator experience less change in their seasons?

Click on each of the sections for a different resource. You may also need to do some of your own research. 

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