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Your task

It is your job to choose one inspirational woman who has made an impact on the world. You will need to research her life and achievements and write a biography. This biography will need to include:

  • Birth/death date

  • Place of birth

  • Brief description of upbringing

  • What makes them "inspirational"?

  • Their achievements

  • If you could ask them one question what would it be and why.

We suggest using these as a guide and perhaps writing one or more paragraphs per dot point (not including the first two of course). 

Below we have provided you with 5 amazing and inspirational women who you can choose from, simply click the pictures to take you to a page of resources for each. Alternatively you can choose your own; however, you will need to have your choice approved by your teacher. 

Mother Teresa
Rosa Parks
Malala Yousafzai
Amelia Earhart
Michelle Obama
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