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Think of some of the incredible and inspiring women in your own life. This could be a parent, sister, friend, aunt, teacher, coach, etc. Think about the things they do that are inspiring. This doesn't have to mean they dedicate their lives to helping the sick like Mother Teresa, or that they have created organisations to help all women receive an education. To be an inspiring person does not mean you have to be incredibly famous and make a giant impact on the world, sometimes inspiring means they frequently give money to charity or donate their clothes, belongings or time. It might be when your sister helps you with your homework or does the dishes even though it's your turn. Maybe your aunt has followed her dream of starting a business and you find that super inspiring. Perhaps your Grandma is simply the kindest person you know and is always nice to everyone. Inspiration can be in the everyday. 

You have two jobs. 

Choose one person to write a letter to thanking them for being an inspiration and outlining exactly what it is that makes them an inspirational person in your eyes.

Next, think of some of the things that you do that make you an inspirational person. Using the template you are to list all the things that make you an inspirational person on the left person. While on the right person you are to list all the things you would like to do in the future to be an inspirational person. You can make this as creative or as simple as you would like. 

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