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The First Fleet

Task Two

Click on the following links to learn some more about the first fleet. 
Start thinking about what you will be putting in your journal. You must include:

  • When did you First Fleet leave England? - What was your crime? 

  • ​When did you arrive in Botany Bay? 

  • Why did the First Fleet travel to Australia? 

  • Who was transported? - Who were some of the other people on your ship? Did you make friends? Pretend you were actually there.

  • What were the conditions like on the ships? - Be descriptive, pretend you were on the ship with lots of sick people around you, not much food or water, explain what it looks like, what it feels like, what are your thoughts being on this ship? Don't forget to include what ship you were on.

​Click here for stories, information on the journey, first contact with the aboriginal people, and other interesting facts.

​Click here to learn about the living conditions for the convicts on board the first fleet.

​Click here to learn about a day in the life of a convict once they arrived.

Task Three

It's time to write your journal. Click the convict for actual journals from convicts to give you some inspiration. Remember, be creative and descriptive while sticking to the facts. Try to include all the information previously talked about, and make sure you include the basics like the ship you were on and your crime. 

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