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Lets plan

Your next task is to choose a classic fairy tale, but will be rewriting this fairy tale from the perspective of a different character. Just like in the three little pigs story you will probably need to change the story line slightly.

As an example you could rewrite the story of cinderella, but instead write from one of the 'ugly stepsisters' point of view. Maybe the real story is cinderella was so beautiful and always stole the spotlight from the ugly stepsisters. Be creative and see what you can come up with. 

Once you have chosen your story you will need to create a character profile. Choose a character from your story whose perspective you are going to write from. In your character profile you should include

  • a picture of your character as they would be in your new version (this may be the same or different than the original)

  • a description of their personality

  • how their story line differs from the original

  • any background information you think is necessary 

After completing your character profile you will swap your work with a friend and discuss each of your ideas. You will explain to them how your story differs from the original, the different attributes of your character, etc. You will give each other constructive feedback by stating two things you really liked, and one thing you think they could improve. 

It is time to map out your story. Click the button below and either print, or copy the headings and fill out in your book. You will then complete another peer evaluation on your story concepts. 

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