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Ancient China Webquest Teacher Page

Link to website for students:

Password: china1


This webquest is designed to help students discover more about Ancient China including physical features, key groups in Ancient Chinese society, beliefs, values and practices, conflicts, and significant individuals. This webquest is rather long and is designed as an entire unit of work, as such it can be broken down by pages depending on the intended learning outcomes if necessary. 

Teacher Tips for success:​

  • The first task involves students learning about a specific group of people, they are then to be put into groups of 3 with one person with knowledge of each societal class and share their information. This allows each person to gain knowledge of each group. It may be necessary in this instance to inform students they will then have to share what they have learnt from their group members so as to ensure actual completion of this activity. For this task we have not included resources for the group "craftsmen" we have done this to provide a more challenging experience for higher level students and as such we suggest assigning this group to more advanced students.

  • Students are provided with a workbook, this can either be filled out online and saved, printed for each student, or teachers often choose to have the students write out the answers in their books. Click HERE for a printable version.

  • The final assessment task for this unit involves the students choosing an individual of significance from Ancient Egypt and writing an outline of that persons life. They are then required to give a presentation acting as though they are said person describing their life. Some teachers have chosen to do this through video format rather than actual presentation. 


Curriculum Links:

The physical features of India or China and how they influenced the civilisation that developed there ACHASSK177 


  • describing the significance of the Yellow River to irrigation and the impact of features such as the Himalayas on contacts with other societies, including trade​​

Roles of key groups in Indian or Chinese society in this period, including the influence of law and religion ACHASSK178

Contacts and conflicts within and/or with other societies, resulting in developments and the spread of philosophies and beliefs ACHASSK180


  • explaining the rise of imperial China (for example, the use of chariot warfare and the adoption of mass infantry armies, the building of the first phase of the Great Wall of China, military strategies as codified in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War)​​

The role of a significant individual in ancient Indian or Chinese history ACHASSK181


  • examining the historical context, early life and achievements of a significant historical figure from China (for example, Confucius or Qin Shi Huang) 

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